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Privacy policy


Let’s face it. I hate apps that request too many permissions as much as you hate. That is why I try to make my apps to use only the permissions that are actually required to make the game run.

Rectball requires the following permissions even in the Open Source version. Of course, you can disable these permissions by removing that code while compiling Rectball from source:

The following permissions are only used by the Rectball version that is available through the Google Play Store. This is: they are used by some third party source code that is not available on the Open Source version. If you are compiling from source because you don’t trust Google Play Store or me, you won’t use these:

These permissions are used by the Google Play Services integration code that is used to connect the game to Google Play Games so that you can share your high scores and achievements with your friends and other people, and with the Google Analytics service, whose purpose is explained below.

Google Analytics and data collection

The Google Play version of this game makes use of Google Analytics for analytic purposes. Google Analytics is a third party service that collects information in behalf of Google. You can read their full privacy policy here.

Please understand that personal information is never collected. I only get to see aggregated data about usage of the game. What information do I use Google Analytics for?

That’s all I’m interested in. To sum it up, I use information about how players use my game in order to improove it and make it better. And of course in order to fix bugs which is usually a sad thing to find.